Erica lives in her heart and invites others to the wisdom waiting inside. She listens for the voice of the ancestors who help guide her intention to heal and empower. Crossing boundaries of the seen with the unseen, Erica unites the challenge of what we currently experience, with what we intuit can be our Glorious Goddess-hood. I love how she *Shines* and shows me to that same *Light*.

Deep bows to your service to the si*star* SHW.

– Alara Tiernan

“I have known you for 6 years? I have watched you GROW!!!! You stand for me as a fore telling of the coming maturation of our society! I am ridiculously proud of you! And that was all before you did coaching for Debby and me. What I saw was that you are so balanced in how you create shared space. I trust going where ever you want to take me. You helped create a place of increased connection for Deb and me that actually left me stunned with how easily your relaxed approach worked for us. Just today (No joke!) Debby said, “Let’s calendar some more time with Erica. I want to work on… and …” These are hot topics in our home with too much history. Yet, both Deb and I are very relaxed and optimistic that with your help a change is gonna come. That you are thirty plus years younger than we are is wonderful! Your wisdom is fresh, clean and genuine! Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude!”

– Kap Young

“Erica, Our coaching sessions helped me to transcend my fear based behavior with joy and excitement for the blessings awaiting me. You are a beautiful example of standing tall in grace and gratitude. Thank you for sharing your inspiration and dedication to living a yummy life”

– Lonnie Cassidy

“Erica’s shining presence alone is enough to transform being stuck or hopeless into the certainty of infinite possibility and success. Yet she is also gifted with profound intuition and a huge heart, which give her the ability to hear and empower my truth when I can’t. She truly coaches on a “soul power” level. I am deeply grateful to have an ally like Erica who is business savvy AND passionately supports the desires of my soul, guiding them into real life success. Everyone should have an Erica in their life. I am so blessed!”

– Amy Michelson

Couture wedding gown designer-manufacturer, Entrepreneur