Dear SoulMates,

I am honored to be working with you on deepening your love connection. I believe that all relationships can be healthy ones through the use of authentic communication. As your SoulMates Communication Coach (SMCC), I create a safe place for expression, compassion, and love. In this sacred space, you will learn exercises that improve your ability to listen and to embrace partnership. In addition, you will also learn meditations that are known to increase soul connection. As SoulMates, you and your partner have already mutually committed to seeking deep connection and blissful companionship. As your SMCC, I am committed to teaching you new ways of reaching your joy. I will assist you in accomplishing this by establishing agreements, unveiling personal needs, and forming eternal bonds. I look forward to being a supportive role on your exciting journey to a passionate partnership.

With Kindness,

Erica O. Vargas
SoulMates Communication Coach