Dear Seeking Soul,

When I meet my client for the first time, I am able to clearly see his/her potential. My intuition usually screams out to me the kind of support they will need in order to begin envisioning the possibilities for their future. I will be compassionate when you share your stories with me, yet I am committed to helping you separate truth from self-created fiction. In each of us lies a true essence just begging to be discovered, and as your confidant and guide, I intend to help you to unlock that essence. Through curiosity and play, I am your partner in determining what gives you joy in life. Together, we will learn how you can connect to your source with ease and confidence. As your thinking partner, I intend to help you change your language in order to manifest your reality. As a healer, I am inspired to assist you in becoming aware of your body’s instincts and intuitions. As a source of feminine energy, I hold sacred space for your emotions to be held, released and accepted.My desire for every client is for them to both release the part of their past that holds them back and for them to embrace a new perspective for the sake of a future full of success. You are a beautiful soul with purpose, passion and love, and I am excited to be a part of your journey of exploration. In partnership, we will build your vision and transform your life.

With kindness,

Erica O. Vargas
Soul Success Coach